Electric Generator

model ST5GF-ATS
Price USD2900.00/set
Minorder 1 set
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Are you upset for cut electric power? Do you want get persistent electric power? You need a generator!

This machine use diesel oil.It can be always work more than 8 hours.And it is quiet silent.Also it is Automatic open.No need open by key or hand.Means,once electric cut,the machine will auto start work.

Model机组型号 ST5GF-ATS
Generator发电机 Frequency频率(Hz) 50/60
max.output最大输出(kw) 5.0/5.5
Rated output额定输出(kw) 4.6/5.0
Rated AC voltage额定电压(V) 120,220,230,120/240,220/380
Power factor功率因素(cosΦ) cosΦ=1
DC output直流输出(V) 12V/8.3A
Phase相数 single phase单相
alternator type电机形式 Self-excited,2-pole,single phase alternator自励磁,两极,单相电机
Starting system启动系统 Electric电启动
Noiselevel(at 7m)7米处噪音 68-72
fuel tank capacity燃料箱容量(L) 16
Continuous work(hr)持续工作小时 8.5/7.8
Engine发动机 Model型号 ST186FA
Engine type 动力形式 single-cylinder,vertical,4-stroke,air-cooled diesel engine单缸,直立,四冲程,风冷柴油机
Bore X Stroke缸径X行程(mm) 86x72
Fuel燃油 0# or-10#light diesel oil 0#或者-10#清洁柴油
lubrication oil volume润滑油容量(L) 1.65
Combustion system燃烧系统 Direct injection直喷式
Standard features标准配置 Voltmeter电压表 yes
AC Output Socket交流插头 2
AC circuit breaker交流开关 yes
Oil warning light油压警告灯 yes
Oil alert机油报警器 yes
Optional features选用配置 DC circuit breaker直流保护器 Optional
Calculagraph计时器 Optional
Big wheel大轮子 Optional
Three phase Voltage三相电压 Optional
ATS自动切换 Optional
Current meter电流表 Optional
Remote control遥控功能 Optional
Welding焊接功能 No
Dimensions尺寸 dimension(L*W*H)外形尺寸(mm) 960x555x780
Net weight净重(kg) 176

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