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needle length- 37mm

What is the use of tagging gun?


Tagging guns are widely used in clothing retail stores to make the job of adding price labels to garments fast and simple. Tagged labels add a more professional appearance to garments than other methods such as hand-tied tags or safety pins. The tagging gun and consumable tags are extremely cost-effective and operation of the equipment is very simple.


How to use tag?

1.Insert the clips of the plastic barbs into the gun by gently pushing the "T" end of the clip into the "T" slot on top of the gun until it clicks into place.


2.Remove the needle guard carefully and squeeze the trigger gently to check that the barbs are feeding correctly. If the first barb does not feed correctly, apply pressure to the clip at the same time as squeezing the trigger to engage the first barb in the mechanism.


3.Place a price tag over the needle and carefully push the needle through the care label on the garment until it is touching the front of the gun. If no label is available on the garment, use an inconspicuous part of the fabric such as the stitching of a hem.


4.Squeeze the trigger of the tagging gun fully and then release it. Pull the needle out of the fabric. Replace the needle guard until you are ready to tag another garment.

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